Who We Are

Lakes Academies Trust was established in September 2016 as a sponsor Trust. It began with Water Hall Primary School.  Water Hall is in an area of high deprivation.

The school works at removing barriers to learning by developing behaviours associated with a clear values system that all children and staff display. They do this in a number of ways which promote mental health, for example by;

Getting the start of the day right with a meet and greet and ‘Mindspace’ session before learning starts.

  • An environment which is clutter free with a distinctive colour scheme.
  • Understanding what lies beneath the behaviours and removing barriers accordingly.
  • Being non-judgmental and understanding the community through Spiral Dynamics.
  • Using lunch and break times as an opportunity to develop good social skills.
  • Taking care of staff mental health and wellbeing with sound baths, mindfulness, a work free staff room, splitting the autumn term into 3 and reducing workload with very little distance marking.
  • Removing social and emotional barriers to learning with ‘Mindspace’ interventions.
  • Employing a Family Support Team.
  • Always putting children first.

The Lakes Academies Trust was established with these principles to which it is committed. However, it does recognise that schools in the trust should have their own identity which reflects the community they serve.

Knowles Primary School joined the trust as a sponsored academy in May 2017.

The Lakes Academies Trust is committed to staff development and career progression. It employs graduates as Teaching and Learning practitioners and supports them into initial teacher training. It offers progression into leadership posts and opportunities to deliver training to other schools.

The trust runs a programme of mental health training linked to practical ways to remove barriers to learning.

If you are interested in mental health CPD or think your school might like to join the Lakes Academies Trust please visit the contact us page to see how to get in touch.